How to Rent

Convenient Renting

Easy planning, no hurdles. Simply, find a destination you love, TP to the space, if available and rent. No reservations or pre-booking needed.

Great Experiences

Be sure to read all about your rental in the description. Some offer great experiences, landmarks and activities to indulge in during your stay.

Build for Comfort

Unplug from distractions and allow yourself complete relaxation on your getaway. SL BNB homes are designed with your comfort and ease in mind.

Our Values

  • We're firm believers in the fact that planning a SL getaway should be a painless process. We have a system that allows you to take getaway after getaway, in new locations without any hurdles.
  • We truly appreciate the trust you give us to ensure accuracy of listings. We dedicate our time to confirming each listing is up to standards you'll appreciate and we continue to monitor.
  • We want your experiences to lead where SL BNB goes and grows. We'll provide opportunities for you to share feedback on your hosts and our service overall so we can continue to bring you a memorable experience.
  • We want every getaway to truly be a 5-star experience and we work hard with our hosts to ensure this is going to be the best possible stay for you, your friends, family and loved ones.

How to Rent