If you’re ready to truly escape into relaxation, you have found the perfect place!  This cozy treehouse cabin is a perfect mix of quaint charm and modern amenities.

You will find a full kitchen and living room, breakfast bar, bedroom with a HDTV, cozy balcony with dining and an animated pizza oven.  Don’t forget to spend some time on the front porch, watching the serene surroundings or have a visit to the back yard to lounge, paint a photo or rez a free boat to roam around the canals.

You will also find a welcome kit that includes information on things to do, a GPS hud to make it to the main ocean where you can dine, spend some time at a winery, or sail around and take in the sights.  There are several landmarks included to nearby forrests, lakes and other great places to visit!  You don’t want to miss this one.


  • Queen size bed that fits 2 with adult animations
  • HDTV
  • Kitchen (includes adult animations)
  • Sofa & Living Room chairs
  • Deck seating
  • Outdoor dining
  • Outdoor Pizza oven
  • Hammock & easels
  • Temp rezzing – 30 mins
    • rez accessories, poses, vehicles
  • Free boat rezzing
  • Welcome bag
    • Things to do
    • LMs to visit
    • GPS Hud to drive the sim and go to the main ocean to sail
  • Security? Yes
  • Renter controlled security? Yes
  • Privacy enabled? Yes
  • 3 days – 20% off
  • 7 days – 50% off


Check availability on Reservations page – click here

How to Book

  1. If the rental is available, click the LM above
  2. Teleport to the location
  3. Security will allow up to 2 minutes before rental is paid before ejecting
  4. Pay the tablet near the door
  5. Turn security on if you’d like
  6. Enjoy!
  7. If the rental is not available, the box will indicate it is unavailable

Owned by Meela Vanderbuilt (Lanareynolds Resident)