Become a Host

Rent Out Your Space

Do you have extra space going unused that would make a perfect getaway destination for someone?  Become a SL BNB host.  It’s easy to get started and on your way to earning an extra income.

  • How it Works

    Once you have submitted your home, someone from our team will reach out for a visit. Once the space is approved, you'll need to have the land rights to allow someone on our team to rez. We will rez a rental tablet (1 prim), security (optional - 1 prim), security enforcer (option - 1 prim). Our rental tablet will allow anyone visiting to rent and control security for the space, if available. It will also allow us to track the vacancy of your rental to keep our site up to date. A SLurl will only be provided to our website visitors when the space is available to rent.

  • Fees

    SL BNB only charges 20% of each booking and a $150L set up fee to cover installation and image uploads.

  • General Requirements

    The rental space must be on land where you can grant rez rights for your SL BNB account manager. Your space must be accurately represented in your description and photos, your account manager will confirm. All rentals must be available for daily renting.

  • Customize Your Experience

    You can determine the rental rate, whether or not you want to offer security for the space, maximum rental periods. We'll also help with any ideas on how to make your space memorable - including rental gifts, recommended activities, etc.


Your SL BNB account manager will be as involved as you need them to be.  If you need any additional services – photography, description writing, building activities, etc we’re here to help!

Minimum qualification:
  • Land ownership to grant rez rights to SL BNB Account Manager
  • Photos of the Space
  • Accurate Description