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By Michael Barthorp

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The succession of the French Duke of Anjou to the Spanish throne in 1700 provoked the formation of a Grand Alliance to thwart the king's expansionist goals. Led by way of the Duke of Marlborough, the military of the Grand Alliance declared struggle on France. among 1702 and 1711, this united strength, made from English, Dutch, Danish, Prussian, Austrian and different German troops, have been triumphant at such old battles as Blenheim, Oudenarde and Malplaquet. This booklet chronicles Marlborough's campaigns within the conflict of the Spanish Succession, detailing the strategies, troops and uniforms of his army.

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From 10 July 1810 naval surgeons wore blue coats with scarlet collars, cuffs and lapels, gold buttons, no epaulettes, narrow gold lace edging the cuffs and collar, a white waistcoat and breeches, and a plain bicorn hat. There was also an elaborate system of lacing for professional staff at the Naval Royal Medical College in Cadiz. 41 SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY Manuscripts Many sources used for this study are from archival documents consulted at the Public Records Office (PRO), Kew, in the following classes of manuscripts: Audit Office (AO), Foreign Office (FO), Treasury (T), and War Office (WO); and at the Museo Naval, Madrid (MN), manuscript archives (Ms).

1812. Raised in Vizcaya from 1 September 1811, the Iberia Hussar Regiment had 480 men in four squadrons. Their uniform was an all-crimson dolman, a blue pelisse edged with black fur, blue breeches, pewter buttons, white cords, a blue hussar sash with white barrels, and a black bearskin cap with a red feather and white cords; the saddle housings were blue edged with white lace. (Contemporary print) 33 34 Xavier Mina, El Estudiante ('the Student'), was only 18 when his father was arrested and the family estate in Navarra plundered during 1808.

Sergeant Juan de Murias recalled that in May 1809, while with the Asturias army at Contrueces, Gijon, the regiment was issued British-made white jackets with scarlet collars, cuffs and piping, gold buttons, white breeches, and white forage caps with a red band. (Juan de Murias, Historial del Regimiento de Castropol, 1815) C 1 : Fusilier, Mina's 1st Battalion of Alava, 1810 Don Francisco Espoz y Mina's three guerrilla battalions wore a black round hat with a scarlet cockade, a brown jacket with 43 collar, cuffs and lapels of crimson for the 1st, green for the 2nd, and yellow for the 3rd.

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