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But this is only an illusion. Look at the spots on the planet. They are "crawling" slowly from the illuminated side towards the shade. That means the brown-tinted s here is slowly revolving after all. Mercury flies fast and revolves round the Sun once every three months, but takes six whole months to revolve around itself and warm all its "sides" in the Sun. Mercury's days are twice as long as Mercury's year! That means you can see in the New Year twice in a day on Mercury: in the morning and in the evening, for instance.

Torn shreds of dark-grey clouds whirl around outside. We have already been descending for half an hour. It has grown darker. It hit the surface with a thud. The spaceship heeled over, slid somewhere, scraping its side against the rocks, thudded again and stopped. Everything seems to be alright. We put on our-fireproof spacesuits and get out. You have to admit that at first you feel rather frightened. The landscape is terribly gloomy: "a "monotonous, toneless stony desert stretches out on all sides.

Round the Sun. It takes a whole year to This is because the globe is so enormous. fly round the Sun once. In this time it Such a huge thing cannot turn quickly like has spun round its axis 365 times. That is a spinning top: it turns slowly and why there are 365 days and nights in a year. smoothly, without squeaks or jerks. It takes twenty four hours for the globe The Moon, like the Sun, rises and sets to turn around its axis. That's why we every day. If you look carefully at the stars, you will notice that all the stardo not notice it turning.

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