New PDF release: A view from the year 3000

By Michael H. Hart

ISBN-10: 0967107709

ISBN-13: 9780967107707

ISBN-10: 0967107717

ISBN-13: 9780967107714

This e-book speculates concerning the vital innovations, clinical discoveries, and political and social advancements, which can happen throughout the coming millennium. It does this via providing -- during the eyes of a fictitious writer dwelling within the yr 3000 -- a listing of the a hundred women and men who've had the best impression on international background and at the daily lives of individuals.

The hundred people are ranked so as in their impact. the most portion of the ebook involves brief biographies of these a hundred people, describing what all people entire, and why that individual is so important.

Forty-five of the entries are real historic personages. those contain such popular figures as Jesus Christ, Confucius, Charles Darwin, Christopher Columbus, Albert Einstein, and George Washington.

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