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By Donald Moffitt

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ISBN-13: 9780345365743

The formidable Sultan of Alpha Centauri can basically declare the illustrious identify of Caliph if he makes a ritual pilgrimage to the holy urban of Mecca. This trip accomplished, he'll rule the complete inhabitants of the higher Islamic universe. yet human wisdom has no longer but been in a position to conquer the numerous demanding situations awarded through interplanetary commute. even though, the Sultan resourcefully enlists assistance from Abdul Hamid-Jones, a smart fugitive with a value on his head and the legislations on his heels. Thrown into the bewildering international of the Sultan's schemes, Abdul gets a hasty creation to advanced physics and the much more advanced political intrigues of the Sultan's courtroom. chargeable for the profitable execution of the Sultan's plan, Abdul slowly realizes with horror that the destiny of the whole sun approach will be resting on his shoulders.

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Nor had there been the time or opportunity to steal Awad's words from him, one phoneme at a time, and to reassemble them with the right synthesized timbre. Instead, the tiny computer and two-plate magnetron in the ruby ring had corrupted the door's own electronic brain, resetting it to accept the voice and living fingerprints of Hamid-Jones. Awad was going to have trouble getting into his own harem after this. He'd have to send for a locksmith. But if all went well, there would be no evidence of an intrusion; the lock's failure would be put down to product fatigue.

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