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By Yisong Yang

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This attractive textbook for complex undergraduate scholars and starting graduates covers the middle matters in linear algebra. the writer motivates the ideas through drawing transparent hyperlinks to functions and different very important components, equivalent to differential topology and quantum mechanics. The e-book areas specific emphasis on integrating principles from research at any place acceptable. for instance, the suggestion of determinant is proven to seem from calculating the index of a vector box which results in a self-contained facts of the basic Theorem of Algebra, and the Cayley-Hamilton theorem is proven through spotting the truth that the set of complicated matrices of exact eigenvalues is dense. the fabric is supplemented through a wealthy number of over 350 normally proof-oriented workouts, compatible for college kids from a wide selection of backgrounds. chosen options are supplied behind the publication, making it appropriate for self-study in addition to to be used as a path textual content.

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Vn )At , or ⎛ ⎞ u1 ⎜ ⎜ . ⎟ ⎜ . ⎟ = A⎜ ⎝ ⎝ . ⎠ ⎛ un ⎞ v1 .. ⎟ ⎟ . ⎠. 16) the discussion in the previous section and the above immediately allow us to get n bi = aj i aj , i = 1, . . , n. 17) j =1 Thus, in matrix form, we obtain the relation (b1 . . , bn ) = (a1 . . , an )A, or ⎞ ⎛ b1 ⎜ ⎜ . ⎟ ⎜ . ⎟ = At ⎜ ⎝ ⎝ . ⎠ ⎛ bn ⎞ a1 .. ⎟ ⎟ . ⎠. 19) an Comparing the above results with those established in the previous section, we see that, with respect to bases and dual bases, the coordinates vectors in U and U follow ‘opposite’ rules of correspondence.

Conversely, if dim(U ) = dim(V ), then there is some T ∈ L(U, V ) which is both 1-1 and onto. Proof If T is 1-1 and onto, then n(T ) = 0 and r(T ) = dim(V ). Thus dim(U ) = dim(V ) follows from the rank equation. 1 Linear mappings 41 Conversely, assume dim(U ) = dim(V ) = n and let {u1 , . . , un } and {v1 , . . , vn } be any bases of U and V , respectively. We can define a unique linear mapping T : U → V by specifying the images of u1 , . . , un under T to be v1 , . . , vn . That is, T (u1 ) = v1 , .

Thus dim(L(U, F)) = dim(U ) = dim(U ) = n as obtained earlier. 1 For A = (aij ) ∈ F(m, n), define a mapping MA : Fm → Fn by setting ⎛ ⎞ a11 · · · a1n ⎜ ⎟ MA (x) = xA = (x1 , . . 36) where Fl is taken to be the vector space of F-valued l-component row vectors. Show that MA is linear and the row vectors of the matrix A are the images of the standard vectors e1 , . . , em of Fm again taken to be row vectors. Describe, as vector spaces, how F(m, n) may be identified with L(Fm , Fn ). 2 Let U, V be vector spaces over the same field F and T ∈ L(U, V ).

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